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They Got A Babysitter, But Something Was Wrong. What The Dog Does May Have Saved Baby’s Life.

Dog Killian is praised as a hero after warning his owners about the babysitter’s behaviour towards their little baby. What an amazing dog!

2013, Benjamin and Hope got a new babysitter for their little son Finn. But after some time they discovered their dog Killian acted strangely.



Usually, Killian was a very calm dog, but now he started to growl as soon as the babysitter was near Benjamin and Hope’s little baby.
Immediately they suspected that something was seriously wrong. The couple trusted their dog and knew that this babysitter hid something.

They stashed a tape recorder beneath the couch to see what the babysitter did when he was alone with their son. It appeared to be much worse than what they expected. On the recordings they could hear how she screamed and troubled the baby.



Thanks to Killian’s warning, the babysitter was prosecuted and Finn didn’t get any physical injuries. I can’t even think of what may have happened if the troubles wouldn’t have been revealed…



Below you can watch an interview with the parents.

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