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They Had No Idea Why The Boy Was Sick. One Doctor Followed Her Instinct And Saved His Life.

Everyone knows how hard it is to make your home safe for kids. In the worst case scenario, a couple of seconds not watching your 1-year-old can be fatal. That is something this family is well aware of.

Little Emmett had just celebrated his first birthday when the disastrous event took place.



He found a small battery that had fallen out of from a TV-remote and swallowed it.



Parents Michael och Karla Rauch didn’t notice what happened. But when Emmett suddenly got ill they got worried and brought him to a doctor. Emmett was suffering from fever and became lethargic.

But Emmett didn’t recover. They returned to the doctor a couple of days later when he started coughing blood. The doctor still thought there was no danger, but followed a gut instinct, and instructed them to rush to the ER.

That saved Emmett’s life.



On the x-ray, the staff found the little battery in Emmett’s stomach. They immediately understood that the acid from the tiny object had made him ill, and Emmett was sent to surgery.


The acid from the button battery had drastically damaged the little boy’s esophagus and digestive tract. Thankfully, Emmett is a fighter. He somehow pulled through, despite the severity of his injuries, and the brave little boy went on to fight his way through 65 surgeries over the course of four years. Today he finally can eat and breath normal again. He can also run, play and play football again just like any other 5-year-old. He can speak thanks to artificial vocal cords.



His parents are ever grateful that their little boy is still alive. They have started a Facebook-page where thousands of people have followed Emmett’s struggle towards a normal life. They also would like to warn other parents and draw attention to how dangerous batteries can be for small kids.



Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Emmett singing “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”. We are so grateful for this season to celebrate the birth of our miraculous Savior, Jesus Christ!

Posted by Emmett’s Fight on the 21 December 2015

Every child do not have the same amount of luck as Emmett. Right after Christmas, a 2-year-old girl in Oklahoma died after swallowing a similar battery as Emmett did.

It’s extremely important to put away small batteries if you have kids at home.

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