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This Is The Common Toilet Mistake That Scatters Millions Of Germs.

Do you close the toilet lid before you flush? Good, continue to do so. Because every time you flush, your toilet spread millions of germs containing poo and pee. And the germs can be spread in a range of six meters. In the worst case scenario, they will land on your toothbrush.

Your toilet is a bacteria bomb. In one single gram of feces, there are millions of germs, according to the Swedish hygiene company Initial. The worst news is that the germs can survive for weeks because of the humidity in the toilet. Even though you flush several times, approximately one million germs will survive before the next time you flush.
A lot of the germs will land on the floor or the toilet seat, others will circulate in the air for hours. The germs will also scatter up to six meters in distance from your toilet. Meaning the germs can be found in several places in your bathroom. Among others, your toothbrush.

The solution? Remember to close the toilet lid BEFORE you flush and never forget to wash your hands properly.

– The most important thing is to wash your hands properly. A lot of people carry disinfection for the hands with them when they go out to protect themselves from having a cold or catching the norovirus, but that’s not enough. Disinfection can be used as a complement for the hand wash – but never replace it, Bjorn Hellquist at Initial says in a press release.


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