This item has a storied past in communications, do you know what it is?

Long after the pigeon post employed birds as mail carriers, and before technology simplified the way we communicate, the world relied on postal services to deliver letters and packages.

Like the pigeons carrying mini missives, the weight of mail delivered by the post office was – and still is – a consideration.

This puzzling little antique had a heavy job in determining shipping rates, and its purpose is timeless. Any idea what it is? Keep reading and learn the purpose of this humble little tool!

Before email simplified communications around the world, mail was mostly delivered through a postal service.

This interesting little object is a vintage postal scale, which is an essential tool for anyone sending mail or packages through traditional postal services. These devices come in various shapes and sizes, from small handheld scales to larger tabletop models, and they serve one primary function: accurately weighing items to determine postage costs.


Made using various mechanisms for weighing, like analog spring mechanisms or balances, the scales typically have weight capacities suitable for letters, small packages, or larger parcels, depending on their size and design.

Some are small and portable, suitable for home or office use, while others are larger and more heavy-duty, ideal for commercial or industrial environments.

Postal scales typically feature a platform to place the item to be weighed. The weight is then displayed on a digital or analog readout, allowing the user to determine the exact weight of the item. Some postal scales also have additional features such as tare functions, which allows the user to subtract the weight of packaging materials to obtain the net weight of the item being shipped.

Indispensable tools

Despite the prevalence of digital communication, postal scales remain indispensable tools for businesses and individuals who regularly send physical mail and packages.

Today, the highly evolved tools combine advanced features, precision, and convenience to streamline the shipping and mailing process.

A touch of nostaliga

Vintage postal scales have a classic design that reflects the aesthetic of the era in which they were manufactured, making them attractive to collectors and enthusiasts of retro items.

These scales are not only functional but also serve as decorative pieces, adding a touch of nostalgia to home offices, libraries, or other spaces.

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