This woman’s experience with lip fillers was horrific, and now she is giving a powerful warning to others

Getting lip fillers or Botox is incredibly common these days. Women will often get procedures done, and they require minimal downtime as well. When this 27-year-old woman won a free lip injection session, she was more than happy to accept her prize.

But what happened next was nothing short of a nightmare.

27-year-old Jessica Burko was going for her usual lip filler appointment when everything went horribly wrong. Now she has sincere advice for any woman looking to augment her lips.

Burko has had her lips filled six times before and is not new to the process. A year had passed from when she last had her lips filled so when she won a complimentary giveaway for a lip filler procedure, she immediately accepted it thinking it was time for a touch-up anyway.

What happened afterward was disastrous. The 27-year-old made a video about the entire ordeal. She shared how, ’’Immediately after he injected me, I looked in the mirror and realized how swollen I was.’’

She immediately went to the doctor, who gave her a prescription, but because of that, her lips just “got worse.” Her botched lips did not seem to be getting better.

The next day, her lips still remained swollen, so she made the decision to go back to the clinic and have her fillers dissolved. Fortunately for Burko, specialists were able to reverse the damage, and her lips reverted back to their natural shape.

The influencer, however, wanted her scary experience to serve as a reminder to everyone to ’’never do free cosmetics.’’ She noted the free procedure’s timing, ’’It was a free giveaway that I won; it was for Halloween.’’ She then added as a joke, ’’He certainly had me looking very scary.’’


As to whether this will stop her from getting her lips filled again, Burko says no. “I will be back to my regular girl,” she shared. According to Burko’s regular lip filler, the fateful mistake the other lip filler might have made is that he could have ’’hit an artery,’’ which seemed like a plausible reason considering it ’’did not have a clear path to follow.’

The influencer cautioned everyone saying, ’’If your lips look how mine did, you should be concerned. Get them instantly dissolved and go to someone else.’’


This is such a scary incident. Thankfully it was resolved without any damage, but things could have been much worse had caution not been exercised! What do you think of this story? Let us know in the comments.

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