Thumbs up to restaurant manager who donates leftover food to the homeless

Not everyone has the privilege of being able to put a meal on the table every day. And even in the richest countries, thousands of homeless people are forced to go hungry day after day. Which is why it is so important to support organizations and volunteers that help these men and women get back on their feet.

One restaurant that is pulling its weight in this department is one London branch of the fast food chain KFC. Restaurant manager Michelle runs an initiative there that donates a large quantity of food to a London homeless shelter twice a week.

A homeless shelter in London named Ace of Clubs offers free meals, hot showers, and shelter to the city’s homeless. But keeping the shelter afloat financially can be difficult—which is why the support from KFC is, to say the least, most welcome.

Twice a week, David from Ace of Clubs goes to KFC and picks up boxes full of leftover chicken that would otherwise have gone to waste.

“In the future, KFC looks to have this as a national scheme across the whole of the UK,” says restaurant manager Michelle.

The donated chicken is transported to the shelter, where it is used to cook stews and other dishes that can fill the stomachs of the hundreds of homeless people that Ace of Clubs serves every day.

“It’s a big money-saver for us. So it does have a huge impact in terms of financially running for the next year,” said David from the shelter.

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