Update: 15-year-old student’s body found days after she mysteriously vanished from high school

When 15-year-old Adriana Davidson went missing in Michigan, people were hoping they would be able to find her in time.

But unfortunately, it was not so…

15-year-old Adriana Davidson went missing on Friday in Ann Arbor, Michigan. People immediately became concerned at her sudden disappearance.

Adriana was a student at Pioneer High School and was last seen on video leaving the school. Her body was later found by a K-9 unit four days after she went missing.

Following the discovery of her dead body, local police who were investigating the case tweeted, “While the Ann Arbor Police Department is investigating the circumstances of her death, we do not believe there is an active threat to the community.” adding “An autopsy is planned to determine cause of death.”


As for her school, Ann Arbor Public Schools superintendent Jeanice Kerr Swift said law enforcement said: “there are no indications of foul play.”

However, they are still committed to uncovering the circumstances surrounding the death. “There’s definitely some suspicious pieces to this,” Derrick Jackson, director of community engagement at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office said to the media.

According to Jackson, the security camera footage showed Ariana leaving the school shortly after arriving at it on Friday. She returns around noon but does not enter the building.

On the same day, her friend texted her, “You straight?” and Adriana replied, “No.”

After she had been reported missing, her cellphone was found on the school’s tennis courts.

“What teenage girl just wanders off and leaves her phone and doesn’t contact someone,” Jackson wondered.

Anthony Lopez, who is Adriana’s brother also suspects some kind of foul play.

“When I found out that Addy was potentially missing, I knew right away she didn’t run away. The red flag for me was the phone,” Lopez said to the media.

My prize possession. My everything. My little buddy. I’m… I’m…. I love u 💔 I’m so sorry & I will dedicate my life to u & making a difference in this world issue 😖 deactivating socials again. Thank u.

Posted by Anthony Lopez on Monday, January 30, 2023

Adriana’s father, John Davidson issued a statement on Facebook which was later picked up by news media outlets, he wrote, “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but, my daughter Adriana was found and she has passed on!”

“I’m not sure where I go from here but, I am so grateful for all the support and love from everyone across this nation especially family and friends that have helped searching and posting for Adriana! I need time to grieve and her siblings and mother as well as immediate family need time to grieve,” he further said.

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding Adriana Davidson’s death are still underway. We are sending our thoughts and prayers to her family as they navigate this tumultuous time.

Please join us in sending the bereaved family your condolences.