Woman allows her ‘husband’s’ mistress continue to assume he is rich – no one can believe what happens next

A cheating partner is the toughest thing in the world. This woman found out that her long-term partner not only had a mistress, but he had been passing off her assets as his own to her.

Keep reading to see how this unfortunate story unfolded!

A Reddit user came on the platform to tell everyone her story, which had affected her, and she wanted some advice. The story was about her “husband,” but she put the word in quotes because the couple was not legally married but had been together for quite a long time.

She and her partner were both 39 years old at this point. Both of them had been together for 14 years and had been living together for 11 years. About three weeks before this story was posted, her partner came to her and told her that he was in love with someone else.

She said that what surprised her the most about his confession was her own reaction to it. She shared how she did not care about it as much as she thought she would, and while she had loved him with her own heart, seeing him make that confession just wiped out all of her feelings about him entirely.


He told her in hopes of being allowed to have an open relationship. But the poster was not interested in such an arrangement and instead told him that their long-term relationship was now over.

Her partner was actually taken aback by her indifference. And she was incredibly confused by his reaction. She thought he would be relieved their break up went well instead of being upset! But he continued to sulk.

When she got home from work a few days after this conversation, she came face to face with his mistress who was having tea in their kitchen. She was so shocked and felt sick to her stomach at the sight. She told both of them that this was not civil at all, and if she saw them both in her home again, she would call the cops.


When she went to her room, she heard his mistress yelling at her for not standing up infront of me. She then asked him why he had not kicked her out yet at which her ex-partner responded that he would discuss this with her later.

When his mistress left, he came to her and explained that they had not had sex in the home if that was what she was worried about. And that the mistress had just dropped by because he had been working form home and she wanted to see him.

The next day, she changed all the locks so that he would not be in her house during working hours. She said if he finished work earlier, he would have to wait for her to come home and let him in. She also warned him to find housing soon and put a deadline on when she expected him to move out to his own place.


But the mistress’ words stuck with her and she decided to do a little social media snooping over the weekend. She found out what she had suspected all along; he had been passing off her assets as his own. Her family owned a summer house and boat which he had shamelessly taken his mistress to and from her social media, it came across as her assuming the things were hers.

She decided to confide about her “husband’s” entire affair to a friend and the advice she got was not what she wanted. Her friend told her she needed to set things straight with the mistress and tell her that the apartment, summer house and everything else was hers. But she was unwilling to involve herself in the situation.

She felt that warning the mistress was not her job. When her friend asked for the misstress’ social media accounts so she could warn her, she refused to give them to her. What happened next was completely unexpected; her friend got incredibly furious about the entire stiaution and told her that she was a bigger ‘douche’ than her ex.

This is where the woman turned to Reddit, confused whether her friend’s anger at her was warranted. Most people agreed that the way she went about it was completely fair and justified; she did not owe the mistress anything. People were shocked that her best friend would respond in such a way and instead questioned her motives on why she was so upset about the entire thing.


This is such an interesting story where many people have many different perspectives. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!

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