5 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Raw Onions.

Onions are one of those key ingredients that we put in everything. And not matter what we use them in, onions always seem to enhance the flavor of our favorite dishes, which is why they’re a staple in almost every kitchen. But did you know that onions also have lots of other benefits unrelated to cooking? Yellow onions have plenty of health benefits including their analgesic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. I had no idea about this—but apparently onions can do everything from soothe insect bites to suppress fevers. But now that I know all of the great benefits of onions listed below, I’m going to make sure I always have a good stock of onions at home!

1. Insect Bites

One of the great advantages of onions is that they can soothe stinging insect bites. Rub half an onion on an insect bite to draw out the poison and stop the bite from itching.

2. Earaches

There’s a classic old wives’ tale that says onions can cure earaches. Put a piece of onion in the ear to soften ear wax and alleviate the ear pain. Unbelievable!

3. Cold

Fresh onions absorb bacteria and toxic substances quite well—something that allows them to prevent colds. Just put pieces of unpeeled onions on a plate and set it next to you before going to bed. In the morning you’ll feel better!

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4. Fevers

It sounds weird, but another trick is to put onions in your socks before you sleep! This helps alleviate fevers or the flu in the same way that onions cure colds. And you’ll feel much better by the time you wake up the next morning.

5. Blood Sugar Level

According to Livestrong.com, onions contain proteins, fiber, chromium, vitamin C and flavonoids. Eat raw onions on a regular basis to help lower your cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels.


As if all the health benefits of onions weren’t enough, they can also help make your home smell fresh. As we mentioned earlier, fresh onions absorb bacteria, so just leave cut up chunks of onion around your house to absorb your home’s musty smell. Right on!

These were all new to me—and I’ll definitely try using onions in different ways in the future.

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