7 reasons why everyone should have thyme at home

As early as 3,000 BC, thyme was mention on a Sumerian cuneiform tablet in Egypt.

The Egyptians cultivated the plant and believed that thyme could chase away evil spirits.

While I’m not sure if that’s true, I do know that thyme has a number of positive benefits for the body—and many scientists agree.

Here are seven reasons why everyone should discover this amazing plant:

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1. Lowers blood pressure

Thyme growing in Pakistan and Afghanistan has been shown to reduce the heart rate of rats with high blood pressure, according to Pakistani scientists.

This study also indicates that thyme might lower blood cholesterol levels.

Try substituting salt with thyme in certain dishes–perhaps your heart will thank you later!

2. Soothes the stomach

Thyme is said to act as an antispasmodic and can relieve cramps or spasms of the stomach and intestines. The spice also reduces gas and helps with poor digestion.

3. Kills parasites

Thyme oil, which is extracted from thyme leaves, has been found to be effective against a range of bacteria.

In fact, thyme is as effective a disinfectant as bleach yet is non-toxic, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you suffer from candida, a yeast that can cause great discomfort over the body, try drinking a blend of thyme, purple coneflower, and sage. It can rid you of the fungus, according to the Canadian Journal of Microbiology.

4. Suppresses coughs

Until the 1900s, thyme syrup was used as cough medicine, and research has shown that thyme dilates the windpipe and can be used to treat pharyngitis.

So the next time you have a sore throat or a severe cough, drink some thyme tea.

Drink 1-3 cups a day (1 teaspoon thyme and 2 cups boiling water. Let steep for 10 minutes. Then strain and enjoy) for eight weeks and you’ll be amazed at the results, writes Everyday Roots.


5. Boosts the immune system

Getting all the vitamins your body needs every day can be a challenge. Fortunately, thyme is packed with minerals and vitamin C. The plant is also a good source of vitamin A.

Thyme is also a good natural cure for for indigestion and diarrhea.

Pour a cup of boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons dried thyme leaves, cover, and let steep for 10 minutes. Drink a hot cup between meals three times per day.

6. Relieves menstrual cramps

It sounds hard to believe, but thyme has been shown to be at least as effective at soothing menstrual pain as ibuprofen.

In this study, 84 female students were given ibuprofen, thyme oil, or a placebo to fight menstrual pain. And the results showed that the test subjects who received thyme experienced the least pain.

Good to know!

7. Keeps flowers healthy

Rosemary, cloves, thyme, and mint oils can kill or remove insects from crops and plants, according to studies.

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From now on, I’m going to have some thyme on hand—and not just so I can use it in cooking!

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