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Boy With Back Pain Didn’t Want To Live. One Visit At This Chiropractor Changed His Life Forever.

Muntathar Altaii from the U.S. was injured when he was 17 years old. He was going to pull a tree root and got so much back pain that he couldn’t stand straight and lost the feel of his right leg. Frustrated and devastated, his family tried to find a treatment that at least could ease his pain. Because he was in so much pain, he told his father he didn’t want to live anymore. After some time looking, they found this chiropractor clinic in Australia. They took a shot and traveled. Every treatment in the United States was in vain – this was his last chance. The chiropractor that treated Muntathar in Australia proved to have hands of gold. Because in this video, we can follow Muntathar’s unbelievable journey. From horrible pain and a deformed back to fully functional – in 10 days. This is extraordinary.  

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