Farts: 7 surprising health benefits of farting you had no idea about

Today’s society is much more concerned with privacy than it has previously been. While it may have been natural to pass gas, run around naked, or use the toilet in front of strangers, these things are now rather unthinkable.

Farting, passing gas, or however you want to call it, is definitely something we resist doing publically. Despite this, farting is completely natural and something that everyone does.

In addition – passing gas tells us much more about our bodies than we’re aware.

After consuming food, our body absorbs all the nutrients we need. Gas is, in many ways, an inevitable by-product according to Tony Rehagen on WebMD.

For this reason, it’s actually better to pass gas than try to keep it in. Here is a list of reasons why you should allow yourself to pass gas – and a few things you might want to pay attention to when you do.


1. Reduce the feeling of bloating

If you have a stomachache after eating, a small fart can make a big difference.

It’s never fun to feel bloated, especially when you can barely snap your jeans back on. It may not be dangerous, but it’s definitely annoying.

Studies reveal that when bloated, the body’s cells are retaining more water than usual, but it also may be due to gas that needs to come out. A very easy way to get rid of bloatedness is thus to simply ‘ease off the pressure.’


2. Good for the colon

Remember when mom told you not to hold your farts in for too long? This good advice should actually be taken very seriously. Withholding farts for a long time can be harmful.

Of course, it’s not dangerous to keep gas in for for a little while to avoid an awkward situation, but it can negatively affect your intestines if you already suffer from digestive problems, according to Woman’s Heath.


3. A great warning

Farting is a bodily function that you simply cannot stop, no matter how hard you try. 

Although you may wish it was so in order to avoid awkward situations, you might at least be grateful to hear that passing gas can help predict serious problems with your health. If you fart an unusual large amount, your farts have an extremely bad smell, or farting causes a strange pain, you may need to see a doctor. Symptoms can indicate, for example, that you are lactose intolerant, or at worst be a sign of colon cancer.


4. The smell can be good for you

Yes, you read that right: smelling your farts can actually be good for you.

It may sound crazy, but studies indicate that the gas that emerges when we fart, which is made of hydrogen sulfide, can protect us from future diseases.

The malodorous gas is poisonous, and is dangerous in large amounts. But in small amounts, it can starve harmful cells and prevent future diseases such as strokes and heart attacks.


5. Helps you achieve a balanced diet

Everyone needs a balanced diet to be healthy, and your farts can hint at what you need. Different products create different types of gas. For example, if you fart very often, you may need to eat more fiber, whereas if you eat too much red meat, you may have very smelly farts according to Woman’s Health.


6. Provides indications of a happy stomach

Here’s an unusual-sounding truth: happy people fart more.

In other words, it’s a fairly easy way to make yourself feel a little better.

Different foods can contribute to efficient digestion, such as cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts. According to NPR, these vegetables kickstart your gut bacteria – and good digestion also means more gas.


7. Great relief

While no one necessarily wants to admit it, there are few things that are as relieving as to finally release a big one after holding it in for a long time.

To keep your farts in can lead to you being grumpy, abrupt and certainly uncomfortable.

Are you surprised by anything you just read? I know I was – and although I still think farts are something to be done privately, I’ll definitely be a little more attentive to my farts moving forward.

Please share this with your family and friends – I promise that they’ll also feel relieved after reading it.

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