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He Covers A Beer Can With Bacon And Ground Beef. The Result? My Jaw Hit The Floor.

Bacon, burgers, cheese and beer. Maybe not the healthiest of combos, but doesn’t it sound darn good to have this monster of a meal once in a while? Preparing your burgers this way is so crazy it’s genius. When this guy covers the beer can with minced meat and bacon I thought he was completely out of his mind, but it end up being a great idea. It’s definitely a good thing that he didn’t put the can on the grill… The result of this recipe makes is making me super hungry… Everybody that likes a good barbecue has to try this!  

1. Start with rolling ground beef into balls. Then you take a beer can and mold the meat around the beer.

2. “Glue” two slices of bacon on the meat.

3. Remove the beer can.

4. Stuff your hamburger with fried onion and pepper (or whatever you prefer).

5. Don’t forget to add your favorite cheese and BBQ sauce.

6. Set on the grill, close the lid, and leave the hamburgers there for approximately one hour.

7. Doesn’t it look unspeakably yummy? Serve and enjoy!

Here’s the full tutorial on how to make these delicious burgers.

Don’t forget to share this crazy recipe – summer’s not that far away and it will soon be time to take out the grill!

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