Stop what you’re doing – now there’s a glass that can hold a whole bottle of Prosecco

Prosecco, sparkling wine or champagne — all three put a sparkle on any occasion and signal that there is a celebration going on, and we must not forget the tasty and festive flavor.

But don’t you find it annoying that all champagne glasses are a little too small and hold such little liquid?

Look no further folks — at last someone has addressed this ‘huge’ problem and come with an appropriate solution.

Now there is a glass that can hold a whole bottle of Prosecco.

Are you a huge fan of fizz? Or do you do you perhaps know someone who always finds an opportunity to pop open a bottle of ‘champers’? Then you will love this.

The British online store The Present Finder have developed a glass that holds a whole bottle! Basically, the days of having to run and top up after just three small gulps will be long over.

© The Present Finder

The glass holds 750 ml of fizz and is enough to keep you satisfied so that you can focus on mingling or celebrating.

© The Present Finder

For all of you thirsty fizz lovers out there — the website provides international delivery. Click here for more details.

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