19 unexpected and effective ways to use conditioner

When I’m busy, I sometimes skip the conditioner and get out of the shower after I’m done shampooing my hair. I usually end up regretting it, though, because my hair becomes frizzy and combing it out can be a drag.

So I guess you could say that I’ve learned the value of conditioner the hard way. But I recently learned something about conditioner that makes me like it even more. It turns out, it not only works wonders on hair, it can also be used for so much more.

Here are 19 everyday problems that conditioner can solve just as well as the speciality protects that were invented just to fix them. After reading this, you’ll want to keep a bottle of conditioner at home house—and not necessarily in the bathroom…

1. It removes waterproof makeup

Apply conditioner on your face like it was face cream or coconut oil. It will effectively remove mascara without irritating your eyes or the skin around them.

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2. It makes stainless steel shine

If you replace stainless steel polish with conditioner, your stainless steel will shine even brighter.

3. It makes clothing fresh again

We’ve all thrown clothes or linens in the laundry even though they don’t need to be washed. If realize your mistake and pull them out of the dirty laundry, conditioner can save you. Just fill a sink with hot water and pour in one teaspoon of conditioner. Next, submerge your clothes or sheets in the water and let them soak for about 30 minutes. Finally, rinse them in cold water and hang them up to dry.

4. It extends the life of brushes

Every time you use a brush of any kind, a little grease and dirt clings to it. Brushes, and especially makeup brushes, need to be cleaned just like everything else. With a little conditioner, brushes become new again. Start by rinsing them in water. Then, take a dab of conditioner in your palm and rub it into the bristles. Rinse and repeat, then hang up your brushes so them can dry out.

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5. It gives volume and to straight hair

Most people know that conditioner makes hair soft and easy to comb, but it also makes straight hair straighter. Take an empty bottle and fill it with water, a teaspoon of conditioner, a teaspoon of sea salt, and a teaspoon of hair gel. Shake well, spray your hair with it, and check out how more more volume your hair has now.

6. It makes moisturizing shaving cream

Conditioner can do everything that shaving cream does, except lather. Use condition to shave and your razor with glide over your skin, leaving it smooth.


7. It can be used instead of fabric softener

Mix two parts conditioner, three parts vinegar, and six parts water in an empty fabric softener bottle. Then, use this mixture instead of fabric softener. Your clothes will be soft and fragrant.

8. It removes temporary tattoos

If you have children, you know that fake tattoos tend to last forever. But rub a little conditioner on a temporary tattoo and watch it disappear.

9. The shine to tired plants

If your plants look tired and dull even though you water them, conditioner can be a life saver when you’re having guests over. Rub conditioner on plant leaves and they’ll your friends will comment on how shiny your plants are.

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10. It moisturizes dry, cracked feet

When your heels are cracked, you probably think you need to file them. But when you file down dead skin, your feet don’t actually get softer. Moisturize them with conditioner first and then file them and your feet will be soft and fresh again.

11. It polishes leather and patent leather shoes

Apply a little conditioner to a clean towel or an unused cloth. Then use it to gently buff your shoes. The result? They’ll glisten.

12. It makes jewelry shine

All you need to do to keep your jewelry sparkling is rub a little conditioner on it.

13. It repairs stubborn zippers

Stuck zippers are annoying. But with a little conditioner, you can spare yourself the frustration. Squeeze out a little conditioner and rub it on the zipper in question. It should quickly become unstuck.

14. It makes creaking doors quiet again

Conditioner actually has a similar effect as WD-40. Apply some conditioner to a towel and rub your creaky door hinges with it. Your door will stop creaking, thanks to inexpensive conditioner.

15. It protects your hair from being damaged by bleaching

Everyone who cares about their hair should pay attention. Chlorine is extremely hard on hair, so before you swim in a pool, rub your the ends of your hair in conditioner and let it soak in for a while before you go in the water. It will protect your hair from the chlorine.

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16. It makes wool softer

Conditioner can even soften wool. When you wash wool, send it on an extra cycle and put some conditioner in the detergent drawer. Your woolens will be soft and fluffy.

17. It softens dry cuticles

Cuticle cream is a beauty product that’s usually quite expensive. Replace it with conditioner and save money while still getting the same effect.

18. It is the main ingredient in anti-wrinkle spray

Mix vinegar, water, and conditioner in a bottle and shake. Then, spray your clothes and let them dry flat. Your clothes will be wrinkle-free.

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19. It stops tools from rusting

This is simple. Rub your tools with a thin layer of condition. Wipe off with a clean cloth and repeat. The conditioner will protect your tools from rust.

I had no idea that conditioner could be used for so many things. It’s a real life saver. If you think you’ll try some of these tips, share them with your friends!

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