How your palm reveal secrets about your personality

The art of palm reading has been around for at least 4,000 years.

Palmistry, as it is also called, was used by many ancient cultures, including the Egyptians.

It’s even said that the likes of Aristotle, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon used the technique when they needed to make major decisions.

Whether it provides real insight or is a harmless diversion is for you to decide, but I for one think that it offers some exciting revelations.

So take a look at your left palm and discover the hidden secrets of your four major lines…

Life Line (A)

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Although the name suggests something about life, that’s not really what this line shows.

Rather, it is believed to provide information about how healthy and resilient you are. If the line has a broad curve, you aren’t particularly susceptible to disease. Is the line is thin and short? Then you have a tendency to get sick and you’re easily manipulated by others.

If your life line is broken or creased, that represents a sudden change in your life.

Head Line (B)

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If your head line is clear and straight, you are intelligent, realistic, and have a special talent. And if this line is long and deep, your thinking is clear and you are a focused person.

The deeper the head line, the better your memory.

If this line is connected to your life line, you are a balanced person. If the two lines are separated from each other, you’re a stubborn and willing to take big risks.

Fate Line (C)

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This line shows how much you are influenced by others.

If this line is long, you will succeed in life and you’ve been determined since childhood. If this line is short and deep, however, your experience is largely the result of fate and coincidence.

You might have a crooked or skewed fate line. That means that your life will change directions many times and contain many changes.

Heart Line (D)

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This line reveals much about your emotional life. If your heart line touches your life line, you have a tendency to have your heart broken.

If this line is straight and wide, you have a good relationship with your partner and your love is strong.

The redder and deeper your heart line, the more passionate you are. If your heart line is similar to your partner’s, you are a good match!

If your heart line is short, you aren’t romantically inclined, and if it is broken, you have experienced trauma.

Letter M

YouTube / Karen Lustrup

When your heart, life, and main lines form an M, you are considered to be a very special person.

M people often have a special talent and a clear sense of right and wrong.

They are quick to expose liars, they’re creative, and they find solutions to most problems. These people are born to do great things.

It’s pretty exciting to see how much your palm can reveal about you as a person!

I couldn’t help but look at my friends’ palms and compare… and I must say, a lot of it was pretty accurate!

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