Some people put a wet towel on the window, and you will do the same after reading this

As frigid temperatures continue to grip numerous regions across the globe, the promise of an impending, scorching summer looms on the horizon.

Last year etched its name in the records as the hottest ever since measurements began, setting the stage for an extended period of heat that has become a challenging norm for both wildlife and humanity.

As the upcoming summer threatens to bring sweltering nights, ensuring a good night’s sleep might pose a challenge. While having an air conditioner would be the ideal solution, it’s a luxury not everyone can afford.

Fear not, as we present 6 simple tricks to help you sleep comfortably without breaking the bank…

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#1. Chilled Pillow Hack

While it may seem unconventional, some say it’s surprisingly effective!

Just wrap a plastic bag around your pillow to keep it dry, then place it in the fridge for the day. When bedtime arrives, slip the cool pillow under your bed covers for a refreshing night’s sleep.

#2. Window-Chilled Towel Trick

To improve your sleep in hot weather, try this tip from laundry expert Deyan Dimitrov: soak towels in cold water and strategically place them around your house. This will cool the air and create a more comfortable indoor environment.

Open the window and hang the wet towel there, essentially creating a DIY natural air conditioner that works wonders on hot nights.

“The method allows trapped water to evaporate from the surface of the towels and cool the air flowing around your house. Since this hack can be fashioned out of existing household items, it’s a cheap and useful alternative for houses that don’t have access to air conditioning,” Dimitrov says.

Deyan Dimitrov also suggests adding a few drops of essential oils, like lavender, to the softener compartment of your washing machine when laundering towels. This not only elevates the scent but also contributes to a more delightful and aromatic experience.

#3. Ventilator Ice Cube Boost

For a pre-sleep cooldown, position a plate of ice in front of the ventilator.

This simple hack efficiently cools down the room, ensuring a more comfortable sleep environment.

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#4. Heat-Free Room Zone

Clear your bedroom of all heat-emitting electronic devices, especially those charging. Electronic gadgets generate unnecessary heat, contributing to elevated room temperatures that can disrupt your sleep.

#5. Revitalizing Foot Bath

Take a cold foot bath before bedtime for a dual benefit: cooling off and promoting better sleep. Cooling your legs triggers a natural response in your body, enhancing circulation to that area and inducing relaxation for your entire body.

#6. Frozen Socks for a Cool Night

Experience a refreshing night’s sleep with frozen socks, especially during warmer nights. Simply toss the socks in the freezer and put them on before bedtime. A cool and dreamy night awaits!

Wikipedia / Lhehka

I had actually never heard about this trick, but it seems really good to know. Perfect if you have kids at home or an elderly person in the household who could use some extra coolness during hot summer nights.

Share this sizzling secret with your friends and let the cool vibes spread like wildfire! 🔥 Don’t keep the chill to yourself – tag your buddies and let the summer coolness begin! 🚀

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