They call him crazy when he moves into a porta potty – but look when the inside is revealed

Tents, garages, and shipping containers—we’ve seen some pretty amazing homes dreamed up by people who take tiny homes to the next level.

But the question is, can anyone do it without breaking the bank?

Meet TK Devine, the man who built a home out of a porta potty.

When TK Devine saw all the homeless people on the streets of Los Angeles, California, he decided to try and help solve the problem.

“Folks who are living it rough and living on the streets and are trying to make a better life for themselves need consistency, they need a good night’s rest,” TK Devine told Inside Edition.

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One day he saw a porta potty and was inspired. He thought that he could turn it into a home and help all those people who need a roof over their heads.

“People think I’m crazy, which is partially true,” TK Devine told Inside Edition.

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It’s actually more spacious than you’d imagine.

The tiny home, which was created inside a handicapped porta potty, covers all your basic needs.

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There’s a bed—that you can actually lie down on.

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You can make home-cooked meals on a portable stove.

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There’s even a mini fridge for leftovers.

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There’s a place to store your clothes…

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… and lots more smart storage space to fit in all the essentials.

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Isn’t that a cozy solution?

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It’s really nice that TK Devine came up with this design to help people people living in the streets—a reality he knows all too well.

“I myself have lived home-free, without a home for four years running,” he told Inside Edition.

Take a tour of TK’s porta home here:

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