What position do you sleep in? The answer reveals secrets about your personality

Leonardo da Vinci is said to have taken a 15-minute nap every four hours to keep his intellectual batteries charged. Charles Dickens slept facing north because he thought it would increase his creativity. And singer Mariah Carey says that she sleeps for 15 hours a night to prepare her voice for performances.

Everyone has their own special sleeping habits – and although we might not think much about how we sleep, there’s always a reason behind it. Experts say, for example, that our sleeping position, like our favorite kind of music or favorite color, has much to say about our personalities and lives.

Sound crazy? Well, just like most personality tests, you can of course take it with a grain of salt. But it turns out, our sleeping position is basically our night time body language, so the theory isn’t completely illogical.

So next time you wake up from a night of sleep, check the position you’re in – because it’s probably the position you usually sleep in, and thus says a lot about your personality.

1. You sleep on your back

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  • To sleep in this position, you have to lower your guard, which indicates that you have strong self-confidence and are a relaxed person.

  • You’re positive, love life, and enjoy yourself – and you’re open to new people and experiences.

  • You’re comfortable in most situations and like to be the center of attention.

2. You sleep in the fetal position

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  • Sleeping in this position means you want to be taken care of and be pampered – maybe because you feel vulnerable or insecure.

  • You often worry about everyday life and are sometimes overwhelmed by new experiences or challenges.

  • The best way to realize your potential might be to start painting, learning to dance, or writing a blog.

3. You sleep on your stomach

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  • This position reveals that you’re a leader who would likes to take responsibility and prefers to make decisions yourself.

  • You’re extremely goal-conscious, careful with details about both your personal and working life.

  • You’re stubborn, and because you usually think your choices and decisions are the best, you sometimes have difficulty taking criticism.

4. You sleep on your side

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  • If you sleep on the side, you adjust to new things easily.

  • You’re relaxed, adaptable, and take life’s challenges and difficulties with ease.

  • You’re calm, reliable, and balanced – and you don’t worry unnecessarily.

Watch this clip to learn more about what your sleep position means:

Wow, this fit me to a T. What did your sleep position reveal about you?

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