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Actress Alisan Porter of ‘Curly Sue’ Fame Stuns The Judges On ‘The Voice’

For almost 30 years, Alisan Porter, Curlie Sue in the 1991 comedy of the same name, has been known for her acting. But that might change as she takes part on the 10th season of “The Voice.”

The former 1990s child star stunned the judges when she sang “Blue Bayou” for her blind audition and then opened up about why it took so long to get to the stage.

“Honestly, I was going through a hard time in life. And then I actually got sober almost eight years ago,” she said. “I fell in love and I had children and that was my goal to just be a good mom. And I really feel like the universe just had a plan for me because you guys turned for me today.”

The judges didn’t waste time trying to persuade Porter to join their respective teams, with Adam calling Porter’s performance “the most beautiful, flawless, passionate, pitch perfect I have ever heard in my entire life.”

But it was Christina’s who eventually won Porter over with her heartfelt plea. “And just inside of you there’s so much to say, and people need to hear that hope and between your story and those pipes of yours, I want to be a part of your history.”

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