‘Family Feud’ contestant stuns Steve Harvey with ‘stupidest’ answer

Contestants on Family Feud often come up with some of the most outrageous responses to the survey questions, but none quite as out of line as one that was shared to the game show’s social media on Sunday.

Check out the clip below!

In the clip, which was shared on TikTok, Harvey says to one team, “Women love a man in uniform. Men love a woman in what?”

Jeff, the contestant whose turn it was to answer, paused before replying – a good strategy – “I’m going to get myself in trouble with my wife…”

“But in the kitchen.”

Harvey’s mouth dropped as both the audience and the rest of his team awkwardly clapped.

Thankfully someone only quietly shouted “Good answer!”

Instead, Harvey, who has been hosting the game show since 2010, told Jeff, “Jeff, I gotta tell you … that’s about the stupidest thing you could’ve said.”


Women love a man in uniform. Men love a woman in what??  🤔🚨🧐 SteveHarvey: “Stupidest thing you could’ve said.” #FamilyFeud

♬ UNIFORM – Family Feud

While the correct answers weren’t revealed in the clip, I’m certain “Kitchen” wasn’t anywhere on that list.

Some people attempted to help Jeff out by suggesting literally anything else.

“We all know the #1 answer is Nothing 😂”

“Nothing, bikini, dress, come on Jeff😂”

“he could have said anything else……. why the kitchen… don’t he know that’s where the knives are kept 😂😂😂”

And then there were others who speculated about Jeff’s marital status after his appearance on Family Feud.

“Definitely divorced 😂”

“and he was never seen again 😭”

Yikes! Was that the craziest answer you’ve ever seen on Family Feud or have you seen worse?

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