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Group Of Bikers Turn Stereotype On Its Head And Help Local Teen Live His Dream.

The stereotype about bikers and motorcycle gangs is that they’re rough, tough, and ready to rumble. But we can’t say this often enough: never judge a book by its cover. Teen Ben Martinez suffers from an aggressive form of cancer called alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. And although he’s struggling with his illness and treatment, he didn’t let it stop him from fulfilling his dream of being in a motorcycle gang for a day.

When a motorcycle gang in Bakersfield, California, heard about Ben’s dream, they decided to surprise him. And when 100 of them pulled up to his house and asked the teenager if he might want to join them for a day as a member of their biker group, there was no doubt.

“It felt great. I like to feel the wind,” Ben told ABC as he joked. “And we scared some other guy. Nothing better. It felt great.”



See more of Ben’s unforgettable day in the video below. And remember: many bikers have hearts of gold, so don’t be so quick to judge others!


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