Mother shocked to discover why three-year-old thought ‘monsters’ were hiding in her room

It’s not uncommon for small children to complain of monsters hiding in their rooms.

What is uncommon is for them to be sort of right…

Recently, a North Carolina woman shared on TikTok how her toddler had been complaining about “monsters” in her bedroom.

At first, Ashley Class, who lives in an older home with her family, brushed it off, thinking it was her child’s overactive imagination and that it was related to their recent viewing of Monsters Inc.

But the family soon realized there might actually be some truth to what their daughter was trying to tell them.


“We noticed a couple bees when we were outside playing with the kids and then as the days progressed, we saw more and more and we thought, ‘That’s a little strange,'” Class told Good Morning America.

The Classes contacted several beekeepers, but everyone was unsuccessful at finding the source. Then Curtis Collins came along.

“I knew they were there. It’s just a matter of where they were making their hive,” he said.

Eventually Collins discovered the hive in the Class’ three-year-old daughter’s bedroom wall.

The hive, which Collins said was among the largest he’s seen, was gigantic and “took up the entire wall space.”

“When he opened it up, they were, I guess, just swarming around our room. We didn’t even have time to get any of her stuff out of the room,” Class said.

“It was really neat to be able to show our 3-year-old, these are the monsters you’ve been hearing. You’re completely right,” Class said.

The Classes have since begun the long arduous process of safely removing the bees from their daughter’s bedroom.

Yikes! Imagine finding 50,000 bees hiding in the wall of your home.


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