Son hasn’t cut his hair in 9 years – then he lets dad shave everything off

Music artist Maximillian and mother Melanie let their son Jordan grow his hair out for nine long years. The result was a full haid of dreadlocks on teenage Jordan, who quickly grew attached to his hairstyle. As former teenagers – I am sure we can all relate. Teenagers of course love to experiment with different styles and looks. 

And that’s exactly what happened with Jordan. He finally decided one day that it was time for a change and to wave his dreads goodbye.

His dad agreed to help cut his hair and in February 2016 they put their plan into action. They however left mom out of the news – deciding instead to surprise her after the deed was done.

When Melanie comes home later that day, her son awaits her at the doorway – and she can’t believe her eyes. Judging from her reaction, she is definitely a fan of her son’s new look. 

Check out his transformation in the video below.

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