Teenage Boy Asks The Woman If She Wants To Dance. But Now Keep An Eye On His Feet… What Talent!

I think most of us recognize the overwhelming nervousness a young man might experience when inviting a lady to a dance for the first time. What if he makes a fool of himself, what if the other person says no?

However, it’s best to just put all these unnecessary concerns aside, stop overthinking, and just let go.

That’s certainly what this 14-year-old teenager does in this video, now going viral. In the middle of a concert he sees an older lady who was standing aside, enjoying the live performance on stage. He decided to give it a shot and asks her to dance – the lady is flattered and politely accepts his offer.

What she, or anyone else for that matter, didn’t know was that the teenage boy is incredibly talented at salsa. He immediately began to move his feet like a pro and spins her round and round – meanwhile she is shocked, and can only do her best to keep up with the young lad! No wonder the YouTube clip has amazed over 6 million people.

And that’s what happens when you have the courage to do something different sometimes, like this brave young man did. Personally, it’s one of the best improvised dances I’ve seen!

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