Baby is abandoned in staircase – then cat protects it until help arrives

Animals time and time again reveal that they are loyal and protective, but this story is extra touching.

That someone would abandon a baby is incomprehensible, but thankfully a baby’s life was saved – all thanks to cat Masha, now being hailed a heroine by thousands online. 

On one block in Russia, a familiar stray cat is well-known to hang around the apartment buildings. The cat has no owner, but is kind and well-mannered and therefore liked by those who live in the area. Residents in the area call her Masha.

It was a cold January morning when 65-year-old resident Madeschda Machikowa heard some unexpected noises coming from her apartment staircase. Her first thought was that was Masha, so she rushed down to see if something was wrong with the cat. 

But the 65-year-old quickly realized that these were not cat sounds, but a baby crying. Madeschd was then shocked by what she saw. In a cardboard box lay an abandoned baby, which cat Masha was guarding and keeping warm with her body.

Who left the baby in the cold staircase, no one knew, but what was clear is that the baby was doing fine thanks to the heroine cat that was protecting it. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, Masha refused to leave the baby’s side.

The baby was taken care of and is doing well now. Watch the below video about this amazing cat heroine:

It’s terrible that someone abandoned their baby, but had it not been for Masha, I fear things could have turned out worse. Please share this story if you agree Masha is a simply wonderful cat!

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