Dog disappears after tragic accident – 2 months later, they hear barking in the desert

They say that the last thing that humans give up on is hope.

And for one Arizona woman who flipped her car in the Arizona desert a few months ago, that is certainly the case.

After the accident, the woman’s beloved dog ran off into the desert without a trace. The dog’s owner never lost hope, though. And sure enough, her prayers were answered months later when a volunteer search party heard barking in the desert.

Rose was driving down an Arizona highway with her two dogs when her car suddenly got a flat tire. The vehicle flipped over and crashed. Rose sustained several injuries and one of her dogs died instantly.

Her other dog, Ily, flew through the windshield but survived. In the chaos, Ily panicked, ran from the crash site, and disappeared into the desert.

Image Source: YouTube / ABC15 Arizona

Because of her injuries, Rose wasn’t able to look for her beloved Ily. Thankfully, though, a group of volunteers stepped up to search for the dog. For two months, they looked in the desert for signs of the dog.

As time went on, Rose gradually started losing hope that she’d ever see Ily again. Until a miracle occurred.

Image Source: YouTube / ABC15 Arizona

One night, after 65 days of searching, the volunteers heard a dog barking and soon came upon an emaciated dog.

They found Ily! She had met another dog, later named Buddy, who helped her survive in the desert. And when Ily finally reunited with her owner, Rose was over the moon.

Image Source: YouTube / ABC15 Arizona

The fact that Ily was reunited with Rose after surviving in the desert for two months is truly a miracle. And I couldn’t help but shed a tear of happiness when Ily her beloved owner were together again.

Watch the emotional reunion here:

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