Dog jumps into ocean – then his owner realizes he’s found a new best friend

We’ve seen a lot of unusual animal friendships. There’s an elephant whose bestie is a dog, a horses whose soulmate is a deer, and a pig who adopts a little kitten.

And just like these animals, a Labrador Ben has found himself his own unique best friend.

Because when his owner brought him to the harbor, he jumped straight into the water, and started swimming toward the most unlikely of friends.

Tory Island is a small island located off of the northwest coast of Ireland. It’s famous for its beautiful landscape, but if you ever go there, you have to look out for a Labrador swimming in the harbor.

You’re almost certain to see him. The Labrador, whose name is Ben, has became a local celebrity, and the island’s inhabitants couldn’t be prouder.

Image Source: YouTube/Franklin Sinclair

Ben approaches life like no other dog. Not only is he a celebrity on the island, but for him, every day is an adventure. Especially, when he goes to the harbor.

Labradors are known for being good swimmers, but in Ben’s case, swimming isn’t about exercising or cooling off in the water. For him, it’s about meeting his best friend.

Image Source: YouTube/Franklin Sinclair

Down at the harbor, the islanders have gotten to know a dolphin they call Dougie, who likes to spend his time among the fishing boats.

Every time Ben goes there, he immediately jumps into the water and swims out to his dolphin friend to spend some quality time with his best pal.

Image Source: YouTube/Franklin Sinclair

This isn’t a one-time event. Ben meets Dougie just about every day.

Friendship really does come in many different forms.

Image Source: YouTube/Franklin Sinclair

Check out the video below to see Ben jump into the ocean and swim out to meet his best friend. This is just too cute!

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