Dog rescues stone cold kitten from death – 3 days later, the incredible happens

There is nothing in the world that is as powerful as a mother’s love. And as so many would agree, mother-child bonds do not need to be biological.

If you ever doubted that for a second, just read the story below.

While animals may not speak ‘human language’ we are well aware that they have their own ways to communicate.

We also know that they embody ‘human-like’ qualities and chracteristics – things such as compassion, love, and generosity. 

This can certainly be demonstrated by dog Mittens.

Source: YouTube/AP

One day found, retiree Patricia heard muffled meow coming from her barn. Moments later, to her surprise, she discovered an abandoned kitten.

The kitten was so frozen from the cold, it could hardly move. That’s when Mittens came to the rescue. 

Source: YouTube/AP

Mittens immediately began to lick the tiny cat to help warm it up.

They soon brought the tiny kitten to shelter in their home. But just three days later, something amazing happened.

Source: YouTube/AP

Mittens had begun to produce milk and began to nurse the kitten. Mittens obviously followed her maternal instincts. Thanks to Mittens milk, the tiny kitten survived, with Mittens taking care of the cat since that day.

She has become a mother, not of her someone of her own blood, not even species – but of a frail and hopeless kitten in dire need of help. 

Source: YouTube/AP

What a special story! It made me emotional just reading it!

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