Dog runs out on a field and suddenly stops – then owner takes a closer look and freezes

Dog runs out on a field and suddenly stops – then owner takes a closer look and freezes

Opie is like any other puppy.

He is energetic, loves to play and is just a bundle of joy. There’s probably nothing in the world that would make him an even better dog.

That was until the evening when Opie proved he’s also a hero!

We heard about this story originally a few years back on ABC News, but came across it again and our hearts just melted!

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It was an ordinary day, and Opie was running around the neighborhood while his owner kept an eye on him.

Suddenly, Opie ran off into a field nearby, an area ideal for a puppy to roam around and explore.

It didn’t take long before his animal instincts kicked in and he sensed something was wrong — someone needed his help.

There under a tree log and covered in worms, Opie found a little kitten. It was squealing and Opie immediately realized that the little cat needed help.

Opie must have wondered how long he had been there… The puppy refused to leave. Instead, he tried to get his owners attention.

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Saving Roscoe

Finally, owner James Roode caught up and found them both there in the bushes.

As soon as they got the little kitten out of the bush and under the log, they went straight back home to give the cat a warm and nice bath.

James called the kitten Roscoe and since that day it’s been his name.

He took Roscoe to the vet and after he was given water, it seemed little Roscoe was improving by the hour.

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The vet confirmed that Roscoe was only two days old. This kitten had already proved that he the was a real fighter!

Being so tiny, he still hadn’t even opened his eyes fully. Eight days later, he finally opened them to the world for the first time. It was a very special moment.

Roscoe had to initially drink replacement milk and seemed to be very fond of his new home with Opie, James and James’s partner Lia Spilka.

He loved to cuddle with owner James and eat. As soon as he would lay down in his little comfortable basket he would pass out.

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Look at what good friends Opie and Roscoe became. It’s just too cute!

“There’s just a bond there that I think is exactly like human siblings,” Lia Spilka told ABC News. “There was never a moment where they didn’t bond. It’s as if they knew from the start they’d be close.”

YouTube/Paw Mane Fin

Animals are so compassionate and Opie is a real hero!

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