Kitten is terrified in her new home – but when they lay her with their dog everything changes

Kitten Rosie was rescued from a bad life. She has no mom to take care of her, so she was put in the care of a new family.

The first night in her new home didn’t go so well. Rosie was terrified and hid.

But everything suddenly took a different turn when her new owners introduced her to their dog Lilo, a gorgeous Siberian Husky.

Lilo timidly approached the new addition to the family and quickly made her feel right at home. They even cuddled all night! It’s so lovely to watch how they discover each other.

Rosie grows up and has a happy life with her new family. Just watch this adorable video below. My heart just melted!

 Cutest. Video. Ever. These two sweeties really made my day! Share the cuteness with a friend!

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