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Police Dog’s Colleagues Say Farewell Before He Goes On His Final Mission.

For many years, police dog Aldo had been a valued member of his police department in Sweden. And recently, the department honored the 8-year-old German shepherd with several medals for the work he’s done for the community over the years. The ceremony marked the end of Aldo’s illustrious career. But unfortunately, Aldo, who was also the department’s “2013 Dog of the Year,” developed such a serious back condition that vets saw no alternative but to put him to sleep. So before Aldo left this earth, his colleagues made sure to give their beloved coworker a dignified farewell.

Aldo loyally served his community for many years.

Photo source: HD-Sydsvenskan

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A local newspaper reported that some 30 police officers gathered outside the police station to publicly say goodbye to their dear colleague and friend.

Photo source: HD-Sydsvenskan


After the police officers bid farewell to Aldo by honoring him with a salute, a 15-car caravan escorted him through the city to a veterinary hospital. Once there, Aldo was put to sleep to relieve him of the excruciating back pain that had plagued him for some time.

Photo source: HD-Sydsvenskan


Rest in peace, Aldo, and thanks for all the work you did to make the streets safer for your community. You will be missed!

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