Sanitation Worker Sees A Bag Move In The Back Of His Truck. His Discovery Saves The Life Of A Lonely Little Kitten.

A sanitation worker named Mark was making his rounds in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. But as he emptied a trash can into the back of his truck, he saw something move in one of the bags in his truck. And fortunately, the kind-hearted trash collector decided to investigate further…

When Mark opened the garbage bag, he made a disturbing discovery. There, trapped in the bag, was a small, abandoned kitten.

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Mark immediately called Providence Animal Center, who came and took the kitten.

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The shelter sent the kitten to a vet, who gave the little cutie a checkup and dubbed the cat, Grundgetta. She got a clean bill of health and is now at the animal shelter, where she’ll be surrounded by warmth and security until further notice. Meanwhile, the animal shelter is searching for clues about who could have done something so horrible to the cute little kitten.

“She was sweet and innocent and didn’t deserve to be treated that way. I’m glad she’s healthy and safe,” Mark the sanitation worker told Love Meow.

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“I was just doing what was right and making sure the cat got safe and the help she needs,” Mark told Love Meow.

And surely, the cat has fallen into the loving hands!

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Thanks to Mark’s effort, Grundgetta is feeling well. She’s three to four weeks old, full of love, and loves attention. When she’s eight weeks old and large and healthy enough, she’ll be ready for adoption.

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Watch an clip of adorable Grundgetta here:

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