Terminally ill mom gets her dying wish—to be reunited with her dog

For many of us, our pets are an essential part life.

We feed them, care for them, and love them for life, just like we do with our children.

Our relationship with dogs is particularly special. And there are so many great stories that prove that our canine companions really are man’s best friend.

This story is an especially moving one. When Rebane Chili was diagnosed with cancer, she underwent several difficult treatments. Still, she was determined to survive, even though cancer is a horrible disease that can’t always be beaten.

Since Rebane spent her last three months of life at the hospital, she hadn’t seen her beloved dog, Ritchie, in a long time. And in the end, she only had one last wish: to hug her dog one final time.

Rebane’s son, James, received special permission from the doctors and brought his mom’s dog to the hospital. Rebane was so happy about the reunion that she changed her clothes and put on lipstick. And when Ritchie arrived, everyone in the room noticed a clear change. Rebane’s pain seemed to fade and she became more talkative and energetic.

Her meeting with her dog really shows how complete, unconditional, and strong the love between dogs and humans can be. And although in this case, Rebane’s cancer is incurable, this is still proof of the wonderful healing power of dogs.

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