This Dog Was Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer. But The Farewell They Gave Him Really Moved Me To Tears.

The Williams family adopted Dood when he was a puppy, and daughter Cassidy and him would soon become the best of friends. As Cassidy was preparing for the biggest day of her life – her wedding – she received heavy, sorrowful news: Dood had terminal cancer. The family decided to give their beloved dog a beautiful gift farewell.

5-year-old golden retriever Dood had been part of the family ever since he was adopted as a little puppy.

“I tricked my parents into adopting him. I knew they’d fall in love with him,” Cassidy Williams told CNN.

She was naturally right and Dood soon became a ray of light for the family. Their pain was therefore indescribable when they learnt Dood was suffering from an incurable form of cancer and had limited days ahead. The tragic news came around the time Cassidy was preparing to marry boyfriend, Matthijs.

Source: Cassidy Williams (Facebook)


To make the best of a tragic situation the family decided to give Dood a leading role in the wedding. Cassidy’s father drove the dog all the way from Utah to Oregon where the wedding was to take place. A journey of 13 hours.

Their beloved dog would in fact have the honor of being the ring bearer at the ceremony. He would also get the chance to see the sea for the first, and last, time.

And although Dood was a little unsure at first, he quickly adapted and loved the magnificent sea that stretched out in front of him. His performance as the ring bearer was additionally flawless.

“He was so happy, he had so much energy,” Cassidy told CNN. “He did a fantastic job as the ring bearer.”

Source: Cassidy Williams (Facebook)


The family is now preparing to say farewell to their beloved dog but will at least do so with the knowledge that Dood had a beautiful final life experience. And the family will always keep memories of Dood deep in their hearts and remember his tremendous role at the wedding.

Take a look at some of these moving scenes of Dood at the wedding:

So much love.

Posted by Cassidy Williams on den 11 augusti 2015

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