They Found This Skeletal Dog Tied Up Outside A Church. That Changed Everything.

Odysseus was recently left alone and tied up near a church. His saviours could’nt believe their eyes when they found the hungry and skinny dog.

He was so skinny that his skeleton was showing through his skin. Animal Rescuers Angels Among us hurried to the vet with Odysseus, who struggled to survive.

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Foto: Angels Among Us/Facebook

Last weekend Angels Among Us posted a text on Facebook where they asked for someone to help them find a new home for Odysseus.

“We’re in desperate need to find a foster home for Odysseus. Do you want to open your home and heart to help him?”

Their pleas were answered. Even though he’s not ready to go to a home yet, Odysseus has already found a foster mom. “She’s been on the edge of her seat all night waiting for updates and she’s set to visit him early tomorrow,” the rescue posted on Facebook. “She is his angel!!!”

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Foto: Angels Among Us/Facebook

Now the group has posted an update on their Facebook page, to tell the world about his first days in his new home. His foster – Nicole – has’nt left his side the first couple of days.

The greatest concern at the moment is whether he’ll be able to digest his food, since he has been going without anything to eat for so long. That´s why he now has a specially designed food plan. He now eats his meals every sixth hour.


Foto: Angels Among Us/Facebook

his body temperature is still very low, so Nicole has given him blankets to stay warm. According to her Odysseus is a very calm dog who loves to cuddle.

It´s unknown who put Odysseus through all this suffering, and who left him tied-up at the church. But I’m so happy that he is being helped and I hope that he receives all the love that he deserves from now on!


Foto: Angels Among Us/Facebook

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