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They Were Born The Same Day And Are Inseparable. Their Unconditional Friendship Melts My Heart.

Baby Dilan and bulldog Farley was born the same day. Ever since they met for the first they have been inseparable. They play, sleep and even bath together.

Ivette Ivens work as a photographer. When she gave birth to son Dilan she felt that she wanted an even bigger family and a friend to her son. So she started looking for a puppy and found a small French bulldog. When she noticed that the puppy was born on the same day as her son, 26th of May, she knew this was the dog she wanted.

After Farley’s arrival, the baby and the bulldog have been hanging out all the time. They are inseparable and have become best friends. They play, sleep and even bath together.

Photo: Ivette Ivens.


Ivette Ivens Photographer Ivette Ivens noticed the growing bond between her son Dilan and the family’s French bulldog, Farley, and decided to capture all their adorable moments.


– Farley is always around us, and he follows Dilan everywhere. He patiently plays with him and tries not to snore while they both nap, Ivette Ivens says to Ohwow.

Photo: Ivette Ivens.


– It’s honestly the most loving connection – pure, unconditional, irreplaceable and inseparable, Ivette Ivens says.

Photo: Ivette Ivens.


She continues with telling how she thinks Dilan and Farley are alike.
– I’m pretty sure Dilan thinks they’re both the same species, as they walk at the same level and are both going through the stage of chewing on everything, Ivens says to Ohwow.

Photo: Ivette Ivens.


Also, Farley actually helps Ivette to clean up Dilan’s mess after he eats.

Photo: Ivette Ivens.


These pictures are adorable. What a lovely friendship!

Photo: Ivette Ivens.


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