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This Dog And Has A Tiny Best Friend, And He’s Not Going To Let Anybody Hurt It.

This dog knows how to return a favor, so when his Bengal kitten friend does something special for him, he’s always ready to do something in return.

It’s a sweet moment from a YouTube clip from a few years back: a Bengal kitten gives its Labrador friend a bit of a back rub (with the full claw treatment).

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dog and kitten 2

And in return, the pooch holds his little buddy between his forepaws and protects it from any dangers on that may be lurking on the peaceful New York State farm where they live.

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dog and kitten 1

Watch the lab as his ear perk up a few times. He seems to or hear something in the distance that could threaten his little kitten friend’s safety. But don’t worry, we’re pretty sure the ultra relaxed kitty is safe in his arms.

Watch the full clip here:

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