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X-Rays Reveal Tragic Reason For Shelter Dog’s Overwhelming Shyness.

When Mama was taken into foster care in South Carolina, she was timid and shy. But no one really knew why—or what secrets the dog was holding inside. Then in March, Mama’s caretakers contacted New York’s North Shore Animal League America to see if they could put Mama up for adoption on their behalf. And when vets there gave Mama an extensive check-up, they made a shocking discovery…

When North Shore Animal League America in New York took in Mama from a foster group in South Carolina, they knew she had probably been abused, but they didn’t know the extent of it, or why exactly she was so shy.

mama 3

Tragically, Mama’s entire body from tail to snout was riddled with the tiny metal balls that fill shotgun shells meant for hunting birds. No wonder Mama was having a hard time socializing with people!