Donny Osmond filled with gratitude as he welcomes 14th grandchild: ‘Welcome to our family’

For the 14th time Donny Osmond has welcomed a grandchild.

The former child idol took to social media to welcome his son’s child to the world.

“Thank you, Chris and Alta, for bringing another beautiful grandson into Debbie’s and my life. Welcome to our family, Dune Tyler Osmond. You truly are an angel from heaven. ❤️.”

Nine months earlier the 65-year-old grandfather rejoiced over the birth of his 13th grandchild when his youngest son Joshua welcomed a baby.

With such a large family – five children and 14 grandchildren – Osmond explained the importance of maintaining balance in his life.

“You have got to balance your life. I have seen many people get out of balance. So many great opportunities come across my desk, and I’d love to do all of them. But at some point in time, the thing that can get pushed to the wayside is your family. It’s easy to say to your family, ‘I have to do this. I’ll be right back.’ But if you do that, you’ll miss out on a lot of stuff.”

Kathy Hutchins /

With so many grandchildren, Osmond wanted to do something special for them so he turned a piece of property into a playground for them.

“There are waterfalls and gardens. There’s an orchard. For every grandchild, we plant a tree. We have a beautiful swimming pool.”

“It’s just a place where my family can come and convene. There’s a big fire pit where we can make s’mores and talk with a stream that almost wraps around this fire pit. It’s covered by pine trees and you feel like you’re just out in the woods or the mountains.”


Congratulations to Donny Osmond and his family on their latest addition! It’s so wonderful to have a grandchild, let alone 14!