Mark Wahlberg returns to his first job, bags groceries at Massachusetts Stop & Shop

Mark Wahlberg returns to his first job, bags groceries at Massachusetts Stop & Shop

Shoppers at a grocery store in Quincy, Massachusetts got quite a surprise recently after a major celebrity stopped in to work a shift: actor Mark Wahlberg.

The 51-year-old Boston native, known for his roles in films like The Departed, Boogie Nights, The Fighter and Ted, took a break from Hollywood and headed back to his humble roots: he paid a visit to a Stop & Shop where he had his first job as a teenager.

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In an Instagram video, the actor explained that he worked at the supermarket when he was a teenager in the late 1980s: “I was bagging groceries – $3.65 an hour.”

“Right here, this is where the whole hustle started,” he says.

Despite being a very successful actor, Wahlberg decides to go into the store to see if he can “get [his] job back.”

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The actor is then seen inside the store, bagging groceries for local customers. It’s clear he still knows the ins and outs of his old job: he recommends a double bag to one customer with a heavy bag of oranges.

Wahlberg’s surprise appearance delighted local shoppers, and in the video the actor is seen taking pics with shoppers.

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“Doing some serious good in the world, this young man,” one employee says.

“We want to bring people together,” Wahlberg tells her.

Watch the video below:

Earlier this year, fellow Massachusetts native Ben Affleck went viral after working the drive-thru at his beloved Dunkin’ Donuts, which turned out to be for a Super Bowl ad that also featured his wife Jennifer Lopez.

Good for Mark Wahlberg for staying humble and returning to his old day job. It must have been such a fun surprise for these shoppers to see a major celebrity bagging their groceries!

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