Ben Affleck spotted serving coffee to customers at restaurant drive-through

Ben Affleck spotted serving coffee to customers at restaurant drive-through

Ben Affleck is known for a lot of things including his Oscar-winning acting, writing, and directing abilities. But residents in Boston saw the city native doling out coffee orders.

People were even more surprised when they spotted Jennifer Lopez not far behind her husband…


50-year-old Oscar-winning writer and director Ben Affleck’s love for Dunkin’ Donuts has been well documented. Most candid pictures of the actor feature a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts. His penchant for the American coffee and donut chain is an internet favorite meme.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts native was seen by locals handing out coffee orders at a local Dunkin’ Donuts. The actor was stationed at a drive-through at a Dunkin’ location in Medford, Mass handing out coffee and donuts to those driving through.


One customer Lisa Mackay must have been shocked when the Oscar-winner leaned out of the window to hand her her iced coffee but she remembered to click a picture of the star which has since then been making rounds on the internet.


“Thanks @benaffleck @jlo for my coffee this morning!” Mackay wrote in the caption of her photo.

Affleck’s wife Jennifer Lopez was also at the seen, proudly watching her new husband doing his job.


She was there to hug her husband when he ended his shift at the drive-through window. “Thank you Dunkin’!” Affleck said to the workers in the branch as he had one arm wrapped around his beloved wife.

The couple was spotted earlier at the Revere location of the chain. Lopez looked on as the commercial featuring her husband was shot. Yahoo reported that Affleck’s mother was also at the location to watch the shooting.

Honestly, it must have been great to pull up to the drive-through for your order just to see that Ben Affleck is there to serve it!

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