MASH star Gary Burghoff’s baby granddaughter fighting cancer

On Tuesday, January 30th, Miles and Katie Burghoff received the devastating call that no parent should ever have to hear. Their 10-month-old daughter, Rylee Burghoff – granddaughter of MASH star Gary Burghoff – had for cancer.

Just a few days earlier, on Friday, January 26th, Katie had taken Rylee to the hospital due to some concerning symptoms. Rylee had a fever, a mysterious black eye, and an overall sense of something being wrong. The doctor agreed that Rylee’s condition warranted further investigation and conducted preliminary blood tests. These tests revealed elevated liver enzymes, a low red blood cell count, a viral infection, and a urinary tract infection (UTI).

While these results could indicate a range of issues, the doctor decided to run additional tests on the following Monday to be sure.

The results from these tests came back on Tuesday morning and confirmed a parent’s worst fear: Rylee had a very rare type of cancer called Neuroblastoma.

This form of cancer affects fewer than 1,000 children annually in the United States and primarily occurs in children under the age of five, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Neuroblastoma starts in the early forms of nerve cells, most often found in an embryo or fetus. The term “neuro” refers to nerves, while “blastoma” refers to a cancer that originates in immature or developing cells.

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The diagnosis means that Rylee is facing 18 to 24 months of intensive treatment, followed by years of follow-up care. In response to this life-changing news, Miles and Katie are preparing to relocate in order to access specialized care, support, and treatment for Rylee.

To help the Burghoff family during this challenging time, a fundraising effort is underway to cover medical expenses, relocation costs, and any other bills that may arise over the long months ahead. The support from the community is crucial in easing the financial burden and allowing the family to focus entirely on Rylee’s treatment and recovery.

Miles and Katie are committed to sharing their journey through numerous photos, videos, and updates. They hope that by documenting their experience, they can keep friends, family, and supporters informed, while also offering guidance and support to other families facing similar battles. As they navigate this difficult path, they aim to ensure that no parent has to face such a journey alone.

Credit: GoFundMe.

Through their updates, Miles and Katie provide a window into their lives as they fight for their daughter’s health. Hopefully their story helps support families dealing with pediatric cancer in some way.

Our thoughts are with the Burghoff family at this tragic time.


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