Paul Rudd says son believed the ‘Ant-Man’ actor worked at a movie theater for years: ‘I never corrected him’

When you were young were you completely aware of your parents’ occupation?

When you got older they may have explained their job to you or if you’re like Paul Rudd’s son you may have figured it out on your own… in your teens.

The Ant-Man actor revealed that his teenage children, specifically his 17-year-old son only recently “finally put it all together.”

Rudd recently sat down with the Today Show‘s Willie Geist and explained how he was “not going to sit my kids down when they’re 3 and say, ‘You know, hold on… I got some DVDs to show you.’ I really didn’t even explain what I did [for work].”

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Rudd shared how his son Jack went to the movies when he was “about 4 or 5” and saw a poster of his father in the lobby of the theater.

“So they all just thought that I worked at the movie theater, which I thought was very cute.” 


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The actor said he never told his children, he also shares daughter Darby, 13, with wife July Yaeger, about his job because it would have been awkward so he let them continue thinking he worked at a movie theater. He even played along.

“I never corrected him,” he said. In fact, he jokingly noted that he’d often tell him, “I work at the AMC Lowes.”

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Rudd told Geist he thought it wasn’t until his son was 15 that he finally figured out what his dad really did for a job.

Even then his teen son didn’t seem to care much.

“I think I’m dad more than I’m Ant-Man or in the MCU. Yeah. They don’t care, nor should they,” Rudd told People.

Oh my gosh the innocence. I love it so much.

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