Rumer Willis’ daughter’s name pays tribute to Bruce Willis – find out its sweet meaning

Sometimes you see things that just make your heart melt, and the recent revelation that Rumer Willis paid tribute to her dad through her daughter’s name is just one of those times.

Rumer, the daughter of Hollywood legend Bruce Willis, recently shared the heartfelt inspiration behind her daughter’s unique name, Louetta Isley.

Born in April to Rumer and her boyfriend, Derek Thomas, the baby’s name is a beautiful tribute to both familial and musical influences.

Bruce Willis and Rumer Willis arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Surrogates’ in 2009. Credit / Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage / Getty.

In an emotional revelation, Rumer explained on her Instagram stories this week that her daughter’s name is a thoughtful combination of things that hold significance in her life.

Expressing her affection for the name Lou, which she had wanted for either a girl or a boy, Rumer and Derek chose Louetta upon discovering they were expecting a girl. In an Instagram story, Rumer shared (via InStyle): “Her name is a mix of things I love.”

She added: “I have always loved the name Lou so was thinking of that for both a boy or a girl, but then when we found out she was a girl we came up with Louetta.”

“We wanted to give her options,” she wrote on her story. “Me and my dads [sic] favorite singers are Lou= Louie Armstrong, Etta= Etta James, Isley= Isley Brother.”

Interestingly, the spelling of the name Louetta came about by accident. Originally intended to be Loretta, a typo made by Derek while texting the family led to the final choice of Louetta.

Despite the typo, there are no regrets surrounding the name Louetta, as it not only seems to embraces Rumer’s personal preferences but also pays a sweet tribute to her father. Even as Bruce Willis faces health challenges related to his battle with dementia, the love he showers on his new granddaughter is heartwarming to see.

What do you think of the name Louetta and its deeper meaning? Let us know in the comments!


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