Stephen King’s obsession with a late ’90s song made his wife threaten to divorce him

We all have that one thing our significant other does that annoys us to no end.

Maybe they never clean up after themselves or perhaps they’re known to interrupt with a question at the worst possible time, like when you’re on the phone or in a meeting while working from home.

Or maybe they’re like the horror author Stephen King and play a certain song so often it makes your ears bleed.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, King revealed his wife Tabitha gave him an ultimatum when it came to playing one of his favorite songs.

While discussing his latest book, Holly, King recalled the days when he would listen to music while writing his novels.

Most of the songs he listened to were “techno stuff or disco stuff.”

And there was one song in particular that he always seemed to have on repeat: “Mambo No. 5” by Lou Bega.

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“My wife threatened to divorce me,” he recalled. “I played that a lot. I had the dance mix. I loved those extended play things, and I played both sides of it. And one of them was just total instrumental. And I played that thing until my wife just said, ‘One more time, and I’m going to f***ing leave you.'”

Although he doesn’t listen as much anymore, partly because he’s “slowed down a little bit, or the thought process is not as limber” as it was when he was in his 30s, he continues to listen to “loud rock and roll” while he edits.

As for his current fixation, it seems like he has a few songs in rotation.

“Lately, I think that I’ve been sort of stuck on Foghat and Bob Seger, people like that. But I’ve also been listening to a fair amount of country music. So a lot of Travis Tritt and Alan Jackson, people like that.”

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Yikes! I could only imagine how often Stephen King played “Mambo No. 5” if his wife threatened to divorce him!