Officer learns children fear him, he lays down on ground and shows his true colors

A Virginia police officer is being called a superhero after connecting with a community on a different level.

Knowing that the children in a local housing complex “were afraid of cops,” Corporal CB Fleming, of the South Hill Police Department, found a way to earn their trust and create a bond, shocking residents when he crawled to the ground.

Keep reading to learn what this incredible officer did next!

Corporal CB Fleming, of the South Hill Police Department, arrived at an apartment complex with emergency crews who were investigating a gas leak at Mecklenburg Manor, government subsidized housing.

Spotting a group of children, the officer started approaching the kids to make sure they were okay.

Watching from outside her apartment at the residence was mother Iesha Roper-Boswell, whose daughter and niece were outside at the time.

The woman started recording when CB Fleming approached the kids, who were shying away from him.

What he did next was totally unexpected.

Trying to earn the trust of the little ones, the officer laid flat down and played dolls with the young girls.

The video, originally posted in 2019 by Roper-Boswell, is making its rounds across the internet again, with almost 200,000 views.

It’s captioned, “A false alarm gas leak turned into a full out play session in Mecklenburg Manor today. We definitely need more cops like him!!! Thanks for taking the time out to play with the kids!!”

It shows one of the children smiling, while the other is bouncing up and down on her knees, eagerly waiting for her new friend to remove the doll from its packaging.

“People need the positivity,” Roper-Boswell, then 28, told local news station WTVR. “I was telling him that my daughter, my niece, and some of the other children here were afraid of cops. So, when he came and played with them, I captured that moment, not because I thought it would go viral.”

The mother said she believed her daughter and other children have found a superhero in Fleming. Thrilled he’s there to bring security to the low-income community, she explains, “They need someone who they feel is a superhero, he’s awesome. That’s the only word you can really use to describe C.B. It’s just amazing, the bond he has with the children,” the mother said. She adds that she hopes Fleming’s genuine interest in the children and her neighbors is reflected in the video she shared.

Meanwhile, Fleming – who’s about 20 years on the job now – explained that he doesn’t want to be seen as a threat.

“It’s something I’ve always tried to do,” Fleming said. “When I got into this job, I knew there was something different, other than just writing tickets and being the bad person all the time. I figured if I could be that bright spot in someone’s day then that’s all that mattered.”

Fleming said he hoped his actions, and those of his fellow police officers, would lead to changes in connections residents have with police.  

“We had a lot of calls here when I first started,” Fleming said about the community. “I figured if I could let them know that I was an anchor point, that they could come and talk to me and trust me, then I could do some good…I want everyone, not just the kids… but the moms and dads… to know that they can come to me.”

Though playing dolls or games with children may not be included in the job description of law enforcement, Roper-Boswell praises Fleming for earning the children’s trust by connecting with them in such a special way.

And the children in South Hill lovingly call him “Batman,” knowing if they need his help, he can be signalled by calling his personal phone.

“For him to make my child feel like she’s safe, she doesn’t even have to call 911, she just has to call C.B. if she’s in trouble. I’m glad he made this part of his job. He’s changed my daughter and niece’s lives,” Roper-Boswell said.

What a heartwarming story! It’s so sweet that CB Fleming found a way to break the children’s fear and earn their trust!

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