Baby born with rare genetic disorder - his father then makes the ultimate sacrifice

Baby born with rare genetic disorder – his father then makes the ultimate sacrifice

Watching your child suffer is a heartbreaking feeling. This young couple watched their baby boy struggle and decided they could not just wait around for him to do better.

Then his dad stepped in and did something incredible.

Molly and Logan Cook welcomed their son Liam on March 1, 2023. The couple was ecstatic at welcoming their baby boy but soon realized that their bundle of joy was having a hard time.

In his short life so far, the little one has been to the hospital for a large portion of his life. Doctors diagnosed the little boy with Ornithine transcarbamylase (OTC) deficiency, which is a partial or complete lack of enzyme that breaks down nitrogen in the body. Without this, people can face issues with breathing and body temperature, which can lead to lethargy or even a coma!

Little Liam has spent a considerable amount of time in Children’s of Alabama, where a special genetics team has looked after him.


Back in September, the little one was due to receive a liver transplant. At the time his parents were not eligible to donate their liver. The donors fell through but recently, doctors realized that Liam was now big enough to receive a donation from his dad.

Over the weekend, the family traveled to Pittsburg for the transplant. The family prepared for surgery at UPMC, and on Tuesday this week, they underwent the operation. The procedure was successful, and now both father and son are recovering.

Liam’s mom, Molly has shared that doctors warned the parents that the first year after a transplant in an infant can often be the hardest. As Liam’s body heals, the family is expected to spend the next few months at UPMC.


The young parents are unable to work as they are busy looking after their son and Logan himself is recovering. To help them with the costs of the operation and more, their family has set up a way to help them here.

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We are sending our very best to the Cook family as they recover from this major surgery! Share this with others so they can send this little family their very best as well.

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