Country Star Joey Feek’s Husband Creates Stunning Film in Her Honor.

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful things one could ever experience in their life. It is natural, and impossible to avoid, but to get a chance to say goodbye before a loved one goes away forever can help ease a little heartache. If our loved ones past away while older in age, we may also find solace in the fact that they have at the least lived a long and love-filled life. But unfortunately, death can also come too early in a person’s life. That was certainly the case for American country star Joey Feek. She had a successful career and had just started a family with her husband Rory. Together they had a daughter, Indiana, which was their princess. Unfortunately, Joey diagnosed with cervical cancer after giving birth. After several attempts to beat the disease, Joey died on 4 March 2016. She was just 40 years. Now, on what would have been their 14th wedding anniversary, Rory decided to share never disclosed images of his wife with the public. He admired and loved Joey deeply for all the joy and love she spread throughout her brave battle against cancer, and wanted to spread her message further. Rory began to film Joey shortly before Indiana’s birth, without knowing what the future would hold. In his short film, which is a trailer for a longer film about his wife, we meet mother Joey and her beautiful little girl for the first time, and see how Rory and Joey spend time with their loved ones. The film also reveals how difficult it is to cope with devastating circumstances such as what the family had to confront.

Have a look at the film and share it, if you want to spread the memory of a strong woman who spread much warmth and love.

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