Couple ignites fiery internet debate after man demands girlfriend takes his name in marriage

A YouTuber has sparked an intense debate after sharing he refused to propose to his girlfriend because she did not want to take his last name.

During a recent episode of their podcast, Growing Paynes, Ethan Payne and Faith Kelly discussed their future together. However, the couple argued about whether they were fit to get married due to Payne’s insistence that Kelly take his last name upon marriage.

Their disagreement went viral and drew millions of views on social media.

Kelly brought up the subject when she said “Ethan won’t propose to me because I want to be Kelly-Payne.”

Payne responded saying it “irks” him that his girlfriend doesn’t want to take his last name.

But Kelly retorted saying she simply did not want to “lose my association with my family.”

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, insisted it was just a name.

As the two pleaded their case, social media users picked sides.

“This is the brightest and biggest red flag I’ve ever seen like there should be no problem cus she’s taking his name as well so,” one person on TikTok wrote.

“It’s her name…. She’s including his name in it??? I don’t understand his point here,” someone else wondered.

Meanwhile, there were others who claimed Payne was in the right.

“Sounds like she wants one foot out the door already. You’re either all in or all out.”

“I agree to be honest if the lass isn’t taking your name don’t marry her,” another person agreed.

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